Kia Hildén

Regression sessions and CANTIENICA® method

I work as a horse trainer helping people to get a better relationship with their horses using body language, feel and trust. Some of my horses help me in my work in health care for youths with self destructive behavior and to do healing sessions.

2015 was the first time I got introduced to the CANTIENICA® method by Heike Bettendorf. I got a hip joint replacement and three weeks after the operation me and Heike started with CANTIENICA® training. In the beginning I was skeptical: How could these small and soft exercises get me strong? But I did my homework, my motivation was to go back to my work. In September I was back in the saddle again. I never have felt so strong and centered in my body!

In April 2021 I noticed that I was loosing power and energy in my body. I went into an old habit of trying to solve the problem by forcing my body to get the daily work done. It went to a point that I could not use anymore my arms because of the pain. In May I ended all horse training and quickly I went unable to do even easy everyday activity. I became powerless, no energy, lost weight and could not sleep. It was horrible to wake up in the morning and realizing I had a whole day in front of me struggling with everything. At good days I could dress myself, other days I needed help with everything, even to lift me up from the toilet seat. Most of the time I sat outside on the porch with blankets wrapped around my body and didn’t even want to talk to people or see my horses.
I tried different alternative medicine, was eating healthy- nothing helped, I was slowly loosing my life.
In July I met three different doctors, as well a specialist for infections and they took blood samples and it showed I was very low in iron and vitamin B. I was still in very bad shape, unable to drive my car. In the last appointment the doctor told me he was 100% for sure what was wrong with me. „Polymyalgia reumatica, women in your age can get that. There is no problem: you just eat cortisone for one year and you will get well.”

The same day it was clear to me, the only one who can make a change is myself.

The 5th of November 2021 I left to see Heike.

The first week I got even worse. Heike gave me a cactus juice (opuntia dillenii) which, among other things, has a detoxing effect. Then she helped me through regression sessions which was like doing a puzzle- every day I got a new piece in place. Heike showed me which CANTIENICA® exercise I could start with myself in bed or sitting on a chair. Those short sessions felt like nothing but started to change something inside of me. The 10th day I had my first CANTIENICA® training on the floor. It was difficult, but that evening I could undress my top over my head- last time I did that was early springtime. We continued from the 15th to the 25th every day and I felt my body came alive again.

Now my energy is back, I can move without pain. I know it´s up to me and need to do the work every day, but its worth!

Thank You Heike and the CANTIENICA® -method,

Kia Hildén