I’m one of the luckier ones because I was able to relieve a terrible pain in my back all thanks to Heike Bettendorf.

I have „espondlolistesis 2·/3· in vertebras L4/L5 and the disc between these two vertebras has worn away too. I was in a lot of pain and I even had to give up my favourite sport, swimming.

I was fortunate to meet Heike and I mentioned my problems to her. She invited me to join her classes and that’s when everything changed for me. Not only did the pain in my back disappear but my whole body felt much better.

When I was able to start swimming again, I found that I swam greater than ever before.

Heike has also helped me after my thyroid operation.

Having recovered from the operation, I started swimming again however Heike realised that something was inharmonious as I moved my body in the water – and she was right! I felt strange and didn’t had any feeling for the water.

Heike told me about regression therapy and suggested, that we could have a look and find out what the problem was.

After the session, I felt excellent and I was able to swim properly once again.

This is just a brief summary because I would need a lot of time to tell you how amazing the experience has been for me.

Raul, Spain