A terrible car accident happened to me; my car slipped, rolled over and became total loss. My body was also total loss: broken ribs, ruptured muscles, contusions and bruises all over. I could not breathe. I was in shock.
9 Month after this accident it was possible for me to start my yoga lessens again. Very painful! Mainly my chest. But the yoga training helped a lot to move my body in the normal way. In spite of my training the pain and muscle tensions still remained. I moved slowly and carefully.
Then after 9 month I met Heike Bettendorf. She is a specialist in accident trauma release. She gave me one ATR session. During that session I could feel how the terrible tension and pain left my body. Amazing!
Nowadays it is necessarily for me to do my daily training, but without the pain and muscle tensions.
Thanks to the ART, a very effective and efficient therapy.
And thanks to you Heike, You are a very trustworthy and sensitive Therapist!
With love,
Betty, NL