As a child, the world seems limitless to us. We can’t wait to find out. We stretch and stretch ourselves towards adventure and learn to walk, run and climb. With an irrepressible desire for movement, our body storms towards life: wonderful!

But at some point there will be physical limitations: body spaces become shorter, narrower and smaller. This is often a gradual process. Sometimes, however, an illness or an accident suddenly set crippling boundaries for us. In addition, the modern lifestyle forces us to stare motionless for hours at small or large screens with slumped bodies and knotted legs: the human body is not made for so much immobility! It is dynamic, versatile and adapts to your needs. What is abused or not used in the body is shortened, slackened and stunted. The clever body tries to balance it out, but at some point its possibilities are exhausted. Then he reports pain and restricted mobility.

Everything is networked with everything. The body needs holistic training that includes all body parts and reconnects them from the inside to the outside. The bones determine the shape and with minimal, deliberately executed movements, the CANTIENICA® method optimally realigns bones, joints, muscle tissue and fascia: regained lightness and inner connection fill the body.

Your own consciousness plays a decisive role: Get to know your own body better! Be aware of his needs! The CANTIENICA® method trains proprioception and self-perception from the inside out. After just a short training period, the person exercising can determine how the body is straightening up again, straightening out and becoming painless. Once the body is flexible and free of pain again, a centered and relaxed feeling arises in everyday life.


In the CANTIENICA® method, the pelvic floor is the foundation and center of the training. It is a network of muscles that closes off the bony pelvis at the bottom. The CANTIENICA® method links the multilayered pelvic floor muscles with all surrounding muscles of the back, abdomen, hips and legs to form a power pelvis. This relieves the joints, protects the organs and eliminates discomfort.

When everything in the body is networked and aligned again, for example, spinal curvature, pelvic obliquity, hollow back, flat back, round shoulders, shoulder pain, funnel chest and hip arthrosis can be corrected.

CANTIENICA® Faceforming links the muscles of the skull and head, tightens the contours of the face, relieves double chins, bags under the eyes and sagging lids. It also shows the way out of teeth grinding, snoring, tension headaches and can improve eyesight.

„See better“ with the CANTIENICA® method complements and deepens the workout with exercises for the eyes and the visual system. It makes connections with the whole body „more visible“.

I teach the CANTIENICA® method in English language as individual lessons at my place of residence on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura or as online training via Zoom.

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